Data from HuDiNe (Hidalgo et al.) for the analysis of comorbidities

Processed hospital claims data from Hidalgo et al. [1]. For each pair of diagnosis (represented as ICD9 codes at three and five digit level), the number of occurrences across claim records as well as the assocaited statistics such as Relative Risk, confidence interval, P-value and adjusted P-value. The files were downloaded from HuDiNe and used for several works such as Rubio-Perez et al. [2] and Aguirre-Plans et al. [3] as well as many others (see related work below).


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  • [3] Aguirre-Plans et al. Proximal Pathway Enrichment Analysis for Targeting Comorbid Diseases via Network Endopharmacology. link

Related work

  • Menche et al. Uncovering disease-disease relationships through the incomplete interactome. link
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3 digit level data

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